Colorful Hours Project

Colorful Hours Project

The “Colorful Hours” project contributes to the development of socio-economic and socio-cultural disadvantaged children’s self-expression, learning skills, and learning motivation through art.




To contribute to the development of disadvantaged children’s self-expression, learning skills, and learning motivation from socio-economic and socio-cultural perspectives through art.



  • Strengthening the bonds of children with Olive Seeds.
  • Enhancing their ability to express themselves in different ways.
  • Boosting their self-confidence.
  • Contributing to the development of their communication skills.

The Colorful Hours Event Program

The Colorful Hours event consists of three main sections, each lasting 45-50 minutes.

In general:

During the first section, our volunteer music teacher introduces musical instruments to the children (they get to know various new musical instruments such as maracas, rhythm sticks, bells, triangle bells, guitars, etc.). Afterward, we engage in rhythmic musical instrument activities, musical games, learning new songs, and forming a choir to perform these songs.

In the second section, we focus on identifying children who cannot read or write, or those who need more support in these areas (we conduct a separate activity later to support their literacy). This section emphasizes reading books, comprehension, storytelling, answering questions, and expressing oneself confidently. During this activity, children create their own fairytales and stories, pushing the boundaries of their imagination. We specifically emphasize children expressing their thoughts without fear, without hesitation, disregarding their peers’ laughter, focusing on building their self-confidence. Later, we have a short snack time.

The third and final section varies based on the program of the volunteer teachers who are available:

One week, it could involve painting and handicrafts with our art teacher. Another week, it might be children’s yoga. We include playful children’s yoga in the Colorful Hours event to improve children’s mental and physical health. We take our children to the library on another week. With children who are visiting the library for the first time, we spend time among books, allowing them to enjoy diving into the world of books. We help the children register at the library and enable them to borrow books whenever they want.

At the end of the 5-week program, we have our final event. During the final event, we award Activity Certificates to children who have regularly participated in the Colorful Hours activities. They transfer their memorable moments onto canvas backpacks that they paint themselves. Additionally, during the final event, we give books as gifts tailored to each age group.