Vocal Training and Choir

Vocal Training and Choir

Another branch of auditory arts is vocal training and choir. Olive Seeds Association forms a choir by conducting auditions in schools, selecting children with sufficient ear, who love to sing and want to learn to sing. The choir, led by choir conductors, comprises children with a wide range of vocal tones, creating a harmonious and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Choir lessons are group sessions where instant individual vocal training and breathing techniques are provided. Considering that children are constantly growing, it is essential to provide highly sensitive training for their developing vocal structures. Expert choir conductors approach these matters with sensitivity and teach children the most accurate and simple techniques.

This training is provided by musically competent pianists and choir conductors. This way, the choir, consisting of at least 40 children, forms simultaneous musical unity and emotional integrity. Pieces learned in choir rehearsals cover a wide range, starting from Ayvalık region folk songs, various regional music in many languages, classical Western music repertoire, and, of course, children’s songs by Turkish composers. Some selected pieces are arranged based on children’s vocal tones and levels.

Olive Seeds Children’s Choir performs not only solo but also gives concerts with the orchestra. This collaboration gives the ability to accompany the orchestra to the choir, and the choir gains the ability to create a homogeneous tone with orchestral instruments. Both of these achievements are crucial in terms of musical balance and tone.

The applied choir rules and children’s choir regulations have transitioned into a more systematic and academic approach with the choir’s main laws.

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