Instrumental Training and Orchestra

Instrumental Training and Orchestra

In the field of auditory arts, instrumental training includes piano, guitar, mandolin, saxophone, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and double bass training.

As children and young people develop in their respective fields, it opens the way for the formation of chamber orchestras, mandolin orchestras, wind orchestras, and chamber music groups with piano.

Olive Seeds has a team of expert instructors who practice their art independently in a specialized institution or independently of an institution, aiming to support the program from many cities in Turkey. Depending on the suitability of their professional schedules, they come to Ayvalık to support weekday or weekend activities.

Structured education is provided based on a defined curriculum. These educational programs are prepared parallel to the curriculum of Fine Arts High Schools and Conservatories. The training, conducted in a master-apprentice relationship, takes place twice a week on an individual basis.

Additionally, individual practice sessions are conducted outside of individual lessons based on the weekly lesson schedule, either on weekdays or weekends. The duration of these lessons and practice sessions varies between 30-45 minutes. As a result, all students have individual lessons twice a week and at least two individual practice sessions per week. Other students are present during these lessons and practice sessions, allowing for reinforcement of what they have learned. The primary goal of all individual instrument lessons is not only for children and young people to learn to play instruments but also to internalize music and make it an integral part of their daily lives.

Conductors who come for orchestra lessons conduct orchestra camps with the children, allowing them to achieve significant gains in both artistic excellence and social cohesion through long-term rehearsals.