Pomegranate Blossoms

Pomegranate Blossoms

Pomegranate in Anatolia is known as the fruit of paradise. Its abundance symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It has been cultivated since around 3500 B.C., as documented in written sources.

The medicinal pomegranate is adorned with bright red flowers in spring, known as ‘pomegranate red,’ which form the dazzling flowers that bear thousands of tiny seeds within the fruit.

Because it represents abundance, health, and continuity, we named our project ‘Pomegranate Flowers.’ Our goal is to obtain thousands of fruits from a single flower.

Pomegranate Flowers is a volunteer-based platform initiated in collaboration with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and volunteers. We have established our choir with the support of school principals and teachers from disadvantaged neighborhoods in our city and are performing concerts.

Pomegranate Flowers Children's Choir Concert

Under the leadership of Adil Çete, a faculty member at GAÜN Conservatory, we experienced an unforgettable concert with 350 children from 11 schools and GBB Children’s Art Center.

We planted a seed and are now harvesting thousands of fruits. We prepared for this concert by teaching patriotism, culture, dreaming, love, peace, and singing, all without deviating from the principles of Atatürk, who said, ‘Children are the guarantors of our future, our joy in life.’

We would like to extend our gratitude to our dedicated artistic director, Adil Çete, a faculty member at GAÜN Turkish Music Conservatory, as well as to our music teachers and volunteers, who worked tirelessly.

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day Video and Festival Park Concert

We volunteered with the aim of obtaining thousands of fruits from a single flower, and our journey began with big hearts in the Pomegranate Flowers platform.

Last year, with the participation of 10 music teachers and students from 8 schools, we filmed our April 23 video.

Children are the guarantors of our future, our joy in life. As per the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who said, ‘Raising today’s child as the adult of tomorrow is the common duty of all humanity,’ we had fun with 250 of our students in June at Festival Park with the NAR ÇİÇEKLERİ children’s choir concert.

This year, our April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day video guests are from Nurdağı.

We thank the composer and lyricist of the song ‘Tebessüm,’ Fatih Peşmen, for his efforts, and we extend our gratitude to GAUN, Turkish Music State Conservatory faculty member Adil Çete, as well as to our teachers Fatma Beyza Yolcu and Yağmur Ercan, and we wish you enjoyable performances.

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13 Haziran 2023 Nar Çiçekleri Çocuk Korosu Konseri, Hakimiyet Gazetesi

13 Haziran 2022 Gaziantep Festival Park’taki Konseri, Hakimiyet Gazetesi

8 Haziran 2022 Hakimiyet Gazetesi